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27-30th June 2023 in München, Germany

Embark on an exciting journey with United Robotics Group at Automatica 2023. Explore robotics and automation, witness live demos, interact with advanced robots, and discover CobiotX solutions. Experience the impact on industries like inspection, retail, healthcare, and more. Secure your free tickets now!


A new era for inspection and maintenance

Visit United Robotics Group’s booth (310, Hall A4) to witness our use case demonstrations featuring the integrated United Robotics Group solution RB Watcher RC and the quadruped SPOT by Boston Dynamics. These robots are engineered to excel in challenging and rough environments, providing enhanced data traceability and enabling reliable operations.

Make sure to also check out booth 312, Hall A4 where United Robotics Group member Robotnik showcases the RB Watcher—an autonomous mobile platform designed for a wide range of surveillance and security tasks. From indoor to outdoor settings, this adaptable robot adapts to various environments.


Meet Plato & uMobileLab


Empowering Efficiency in Hospitality & Retail

Witness Plato's capabilities in retail and hospitality at the United Robotics Group booth (310, Hall A4). In both sectors, Plato's innovative features automate repetitive tasks, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, reducing employee workload, and empowering them to dedicate their efforts to more valuable tasks. Additionally, Plato assists in promoting articles by facilitating product demonstrations and distributing samples, coupons, and flyers within the store.


Meet Plato at Booth 310, Hall A4 (United Robotics Group).

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Redefining Laboratory Automation

Discover our CobiotX solutions for laboratory automation at the VDMA joint booth (210, Hall A4), Service Robot City. uMobileLAB, developed in partnership with Siemens Healthineers, is a mobile lab assistant that seamlessly integrates into existing lab environments and workflows. With its modular design and versatile skillset, uMobileLAB covers the majority of repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing highly-qualified lab teams to focus on more complex and high-value work.


Meet uMobileLab at the the VDMA joint Booth 210, Hall A4 (Service Robot City).

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Contribute to the Future of Indoor Mobile Robotic Transportation

Join us at the United Robotics Group booth (310, Hall A4) and participate in shaping the future of indoor mobile robotic transportation with Plato "Flex."

As a modular concept, Plato "Flex" offers adaptability and customization for various sectors, including retail, warehouse, manufacturing, intralogistics and healthcare. Design your customized mobile CobiotX solution for indoor transportation, equipped with a wide range of accessories and devices.

You will also be able to witness Plato "Flex" in action as it navigates from the warehouse to the store in a retail environment, demonstrating its versatility and efficiency.

At our booth, you'll find a digital kiosk showcasing different use cases and projects for Plato "Flex" in these sectors. We highly value your input and invite you to contribute to the conception of our future robots by simulating your use case or project to automate repetitive tasks.

See you at booth 310, Hall A4!

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