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Embark on a Human-Centric Robotics Journey.

Experiencing The New Generation of Service Robotics.
Step into Tomorrow, Today - Enhance Your Life with Innovative CobiotX.

Embrace Innovation in Robotics

Explore the power of robotics at VivaTech 2023 with CobiotX, the third-generation robots designed to tackle labor shortages and enhance human workflows for safer, more efficient jobs. Catch this innovation in action at Booth H21 now! 

Learn more about CobiotX:

Revolutionizing Healthcare with CobiotX

We're redefining the healthcare landscape in partnership with Siemens Healthineers and Medventi. Our Cobiot Plato and CobiotX solution uMobileLab are at the forefront of this transformation, focused on improving patient care and laboratory efficiency. From supporting care staff in their daily tasks to revolutionizing lab processes, these robots are making a tangible difference. Don't miss out on witnessing these medical marvels in action.

Discover Plato

Discover uMobileLab

Plato, Complexity behind Simplicity:
Meet Plato, showcased on booth H21

Spotlight on the French-made Cobiot, Plato, at our booth, revealing its intricate design and advanced European electronic components. You will have the rare opportunity to discover high-tech European-made electronic parts and the superior craftsmanship inherent in Plato's construction.

Discover Plato, the French-made Cobiot:


Where to find our robots at Vivatech 2023

You can discover our robots in various locations throughout Vivatech:

πŸ‘‰ United Robotics Group booth (Hall 1, booth H21)
πŸ‘‰ French-German Tech Lab (Hall 1, D11/D15)
πŸ‘‰ BPI (Hall 1, K48)
πŸ‘‰ Viva Lounge

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Agenda Highlights

June 14th - June 17th:

Meet our Cobiot Plato and Cobiotx solution uMobileLab: discover the new generation of robotics and witness its revolutionary capabilities in a healthcare environment.

Engage with our team: meet our experts including Thomas Hahn (Founder and CEO), Dr. Nadja Schmiedl (CTO) and Thomas Linkenheil (Co-CEO), who will be available throughout the day to answer your questions and provide insights into our innovative solutions.

πŸ“ United Robotics Group booth (Hall 1, Booth H21)

June 15th:

12:40: Live interview with Vivatech News

Join Dr. Guido SchΓΌtte, Head of Central Western Europe DX at Siemens Healthineers, and Thomas Linkenheil, CO-CEO of United Robotics Group

πŸ“ United Robotics Group booth (Hall 1, Booth H21)

13:45: Roundtable "Development of European Robotics Leadership - Key to a Better Technology Society" with key speakers:

πŸ‘‰ Patrick Brandmaier, Director at Franco-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry
πŸ‘‰ Jean-Marc Bollmann, Managing Director at Aldebaran (Part of United Robotics Group)
πŸ‘‰ Thomas Hahn, Founder and CEO of United Robotics Group

πŸ“ French-German Tech Lab (Hall 1, D15-056)

14:15: Meet Germany

Join Dr. Nadja Schmiedl as she contributes to the question of Why North Rhine-Westphalia is the ideal location for United Robotics Group. Explore the advantages of this region and its role in fostering innovation and growth. 

πŸ“ NRW. Global Business (Hall 1, D15-056)

We're All About People and Robots

"We are United Robotics Group - a dynamic alliance of nine robotics companies dedicated to creating a more human world through smart automation. With a deep commitment to safety, data privacy, and social responsibility, we aim to develop robots that respect and enhance human life."

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