AcaDay 2023

October 5, 2023 at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris, France

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Join us as we set the stage for a brighter future of education through robotics at AcaDay on October 5th 2023 at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris.


An event dedicated to NAO and Pepper in Education

AcaDay is an event dedicated to the NAO and Pepper community, specializing in Education with a particular focus on primary and secondary education.

AcaDay is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Discover how robots enhance learning experiences through keynotes and presentations.
  • Visit the demonstration area to explore and test NAO and Pepper solutions for education.
  • Engage with teachers, partners, and users of NAO and Pepper.
  • Celebrate International Teachers' Day and other surprises...

What to expect during this day:

Testimonials on the theme of educational robotics:

  • The use of NAO and Pepper in classrooms as support for STEAM learning and as assistants in social projects.
  • Tools and solutions from the United Robotics Group for education in collaboration with our dedicated partners. Teaching with robots and teacher support.
  • Sharing experiences, ideas, and common challenges.

A demonstration area with booths hosted by United Robotics Group and partners

  • NAO and programming learning with Blockly.
  • NAO as a support in specialized education with AskNAO Tablet application.
  • NAO and language learning with Elias.
  • Pepper Chat GPT: Interact with Pepper using voice commands, touch sensors, or simply by waving your hand.
  • Pepper Virtual Reality: Immerse yourself in the experience by wearing virtual reality glasses, and embody Pepper to perceive the world through its eyes and control its movements.
  • NAO, the ideal assistant for guiding and encouraging patient rehabilitation.   Jupyter Notebook for NAO: Explore all of NAO's features - speech, animations, camera, and much more - from Jupyter Notebook.
  • NAO Maze : NAO detects the ArUco marker to reposition himself and decide where to go next. You can create all kinds of paths.